I am a retired police officer with over 15 years of law enforcement experience and have conducted thousands of investigations and interviews throughout my career.

These interviews and investigations have been for many different incidents, including major crimes such as homicide, rape, and robbery. Anything discussed in confidence with me will not be a surprise and I will not judge you. I have heard it all.


  • The polygraph examination is approximately two hours long. Having said that, the examinee is only attached to the equipment for a short period of time. The majority of the time is spent going through an interview process.
  • Everything said during the polygraph examination process is confidential.
  • No one is allowed to accompany the examinee during the polygraph examination, because it is important for the examinee to feel free to be honest. As the examinee, you are the most important part of this process and it is absolutely important to be open and honest because your physiological responses to the answering of the questions are being recorded. Don’t worry about being nervous… that is completely natural and will not affect the outcome of the polygraph examination.
  • The polygraph instrument monitors and records small changes in the examinee’s physiology when asked specific questions.
  • There will be no surprises during the process, all questions will be reviewed and thoroughly discussed so that you are comfortable answering the questions. Polygraph examinations are validated and accurate, which is supported by meta-analysis surveys conducted, and available on the American Polygraph Association’s website.
  • The accuracy of a polygraph examination is approximately 92% for single issue zone comparison tests (one specific question asked in a different way multiple times). This is the most accurate test but does not have the flexibility of asking multiple questions. A screening exam for multiple issues is slightly less accurate at approximately 86% because multiple issues are addressed. This shows that the polygraph examination is an accurate process — no test is 100% accurate.
The absolute truth is what is required to successfully pass a polygraph examination. As the polygraph examiner, I am a seeker of the truth. I am here to give you the tools to pass.


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